Do you repair Omnia.11 power supplies?

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This article applies to the power supplies used in the Omnia.11 Audio Processor regarding repair or replacement.


Customers will often ask if the power supplies in their Omnia.11 can be repaired. There are two different versions of power supplies installed on the device. These are OEM power supplies and we do not repair them, instead opting to replacement.

Identifying the power supply possible being bad

There are two power supplies installed on the Omnia.11 Audio Processor. When ordering replacements, it is important to know which one you are looking for.

To locate which one is bad you have to remove the Omnia.11 from service, disconnect the power cord, and open the top cover to be able to locate the two power supplies installed on the unit.

With having the front of the unit next to you, just below the metal on the left side, you will find the two power supplies installed.

The left one is providing 12vdc power to the CPU Board. In case you do not see any lights on the front of the unit (especially around the jog wheel), it's possible the 12vdc is missing. Our part number for a replacement is 1281-00078.

The right one feeds the I/O board and has +12vdc, -12vdc as well as +5vdc. In case this one does not work properly, our part number to order a new one is 1281-00051.

If you need a replacement power supply, please contact us and ask for pricing and availability of the above part numbers.

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