When I click the iProfiler Server icon, the program does not start

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This document covers issues relating to Axia iProfiler Server software start-up.


When you click on the desktop or start menu icons for iProfiler Server, nothing happens. The program appears to not start and nothing is shown on the screen.


Check to see that the program is not already running.

When you click the minimize button on iProfiler Server, the program is not minimized to the Task Bar, it's minimized to the System Tray or Notifications area usually near the clock in the bottom right corner of the screen.

This can be confusing because when you click the Desktop or Start Menu icon for iProfiler Server, it seems like nothing happens. In this example, the iProfiler Server software is already running and can be opened by clicking the icon in the System tray.

Customize your Notifications area

You can customize your notifications area so that the iProfiler Server icon is always displayed (not hidden) in the Notifications area. The actual steps may vary from one Windows version to another but almost all support some kind of customizations to the Notifications area.

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