Switching the PDM From AES to Livewire I/O

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How to switch the audio I/O of the PDM between AES/EBU and Livewire.


Most PDM units that were shipped with AES/EBU I/O can be switched to Livewre I/O via the procedure below.


  1. Navigate to this webpage of your PDM:
Be sure to replace the "x"s with the IP address that you assigned to your PDM.
  1. Log in using this user name
user: pdmweb
Hint: You can see the password from the front panel by using the Menu button, scroll to SYSTEM and the scroll to PASSWORD.
  1. Once you enter the user name and the password you will be presented with a special web page. Read the instructions on that page before continuing. Enter this password and click Submit
  1. The PDM should now tell you you to reboot. Once rebooted, it should come up in the Livewire mode.

Caution: Do not perform this operation on a Livewire Only PDM. Livewire only PDMs do not contain the audio hardware to support physical I/O and could corrupt the system.

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