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This document refers to all Omnia-6 processors, including EX, EXi, FM and HDFM versions.

Not Booting Up

If the processor gets 'stuck' on the Omnia splash screen after applying power, the unit is not booting up.

The Omnia-6 boots from the rear PCMCIA software card, so it should first be confirmed that the card is properly seated in the rear panel of the unit. With the power off, press the card ejector button and insert the card back into the Omnia. Re-apply power and see if the unit fully boots.

If the Omnia still doesn't boot, the issue could be with the card or another hardware component.

If you'd like to try replacing the card, you can contact Customer Support and ask for pricing and availability of part number 1166-00007. You will also need to indicate the software version you are running.

We highly suggest sending the unit in for inspection and repair. There is no guarantee that the issue lies solely with the PCMCIA card. If a new card is purchased, we cannot refund the price of the card if the processor continues to not boot up.

If you'd rather send the unit in for a full inspection, please follow this link to request a Return Authorization.

The Omina-6

The Omnia-6 has been out of production since 2010. We understand there are many of these processors still active in the field. While our repair technicians will do what they can to fully repair an Omnia-6, some components have reached end-of-life status and the costs associated with a repair may not make sense.

As with all repairs, we will reach out to you for approval on any repair we determine might not make sense. Once a unit is sent in, we can scrap the equipment for no cost.

We would then suggest reaching out to your favorite Telos Alliance dealer for details and pricing on an Omnia Volt Broadcast Audio Processor.

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