Backing up a Z/IP ONE

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This document explains how to back up a Z/IP ONE IP Broadcast Codec.

The Back-Up Process

Like installing new software to a Z/IP ONE, a Z/IP ONE's settings can only be manually backed up via the internal webserver.

It's wise to periodically back up a unit's settings in the rare event that a factory default reset is necessary or asked to be done by Telos Customer Support.

To back up a Z/IP ONE:

  1. Go to the unit's GUI and select the Software tab in the column on the left.
  2. Simply click on Backup Settings. Be sure to make note of where the file is saved. You might want to consider renaming the file with the IP Address and date of the backup.

Restoring Saved Settings

To restore settings, go to the same Software tab of the unit's GUI. The Z/IP ONE's IP address can be changed back to what it originally was on the front panel of the actual unit in the LAN Interface info in the Network tab under SETTINGS.

To restore settings, choose which of the three categories you would like to restore.

Find the settings backup file using the Choose file button and load them into the Z/IP ONE by clicking Restore Settings.

The settings categories can be helpful when sharing settings between multiple Z/IP ONEs. For example, if you have three codecs in different rooms which all connect to the same remote codecs, you may wish to restore only the phone book and system configuration. If you were to restore the network settings as well, their IP addresses on the network would conflict and would need to be changed again manually.
As an alternative to manual configuration management, the Z/IP ONE is fully compatible with the Axia iProbe network management software.

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