What to Do In Case of CodeMeter USB Bus Failure


It is very unlikely for a CodeMeter dongle to die in the field. We have not seen one die across hundreds of installs and many products. Furthermore, if unplugging/plugging the dongle back into the machine allows licenses to be seen, we can remove a broken dongle as a variable. If the dongle were faulty, it would not appear in CodeMeter Control Center when plugged in, and licenses would not be available at any time. 


This is most likely a power allocation issue of the USB bus of the machine on location (It could be a setting, the power supply, or the USB bus itself), but let’s start by configuring the CodeMeter Service to restart under negative circumstances.

Requirements, Steps, Etc.

  1. Go: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools and launch Services.
  2. Locate CodeMeter Runtime Server, and right-click to select Properties in the appearing menu.
  3. Under the Recovery tab, set the First, Second and Subsequent failures to Restart the Service.


Next, optimize your power options:


  1. Go: Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Power Options.
  2. Tick the High performance option, and click Apply/Save.
  3. Click Change plan settings for High performance.
  4. Click Change advanced power settings.
  5. Under USB settings > USB selective suspend setting set the option to Disabled.
  6. Click Apply/Save.


Finally, Configure your Universal Serial Bus controllers.


  1. Go: Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Device Manager.
  2. Next to Universal Serial Bus controllers, click on the drop-down arrow to reveal each surrogate Hub/Device.
  3. For each entry, right-click to select Properties in the appearing menu.
  4. Under the Power Management tab, un-tick Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power and click OK (Note: Some of the entries may not have a Power Management tab. In this case, close the dialog, and move on to the next entry).
  5. Restart your computer.


If the problem persists after observing these troubleshooting steps, we recommend sandboxing the configuration, and testing on another machine (there could be a problem with the internal power supply or universal serial bus of the machine on location). 

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