How to Factory Reset the Omnia MPX Node from the front panel

Updated by Werner Gabel


The following procedure can be used to factory reset the Omnia MPX Node.


Restoring the Omnia MPX Node to factory defaults from the front panel is simple.

If you forget or misplace your user/password, you can reset it to the user / user default from the front panel. You can also reset the configuration to the factory default.
Note that this will remove all the settings including the IP address of the unit, any sources and destinations set, and the web interface password (if set).
  1. When the unit is fully booted, go to the GPIO status page on the front panel.
  1. Hold down the lower button for 10 seconds.
  2. Once the “Reset Functions” page is displayed, use the bottom button to select between Reset Password, Reset Config or Cancel.
  1. Use the top button to confirm the highlighted choice.
  2. The unit will finish the boot process and come back at factory defaults.

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