Telos Alliance Brand Jewel Stickers

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This document covers the part numbers needed for replacement logo "jewel stickers" for the Telos Alliance brand of products.

The Stickers

If you're looking for a replacement jewel sticker, contact Customer Support for pricing information using the following part numbers:

  • Telos - found on Hx1 and Hx2, iQ6, Z/IP ONE, etc


  • Omnia - found on various processors


  • Axia - found on various mixing engines


  • 25-Seven - found on Voltair, Program Delay Manager, TVC-15, etc


Miscellaneous Stickers

There are various other stickers used across the Telos Alliance brand of products. If you're in need of any sort of warning, patent, FCC, warranty, or licensing sticker or label, contact Customer Support and we will do our best to find what is desired.

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