Setting Omnia.9 AM Pre-Emphasis and Low-Pass Filtering

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This TelosHelp doc explains where to find and how to set the Omnia.9 AM pre-emphasis and low-pass filter options.


Find out how to set the Omnia.9's pre-emphasis and filtering options for AM.


Q: Where do I find the options for setting the NRSC pre-emphasis and 10kHz low-pass filter in my Omnia.9 running the AM processing core? Also, what other options are available?


A: Navigate to System / I/O Options / AM Options.

The options available for pre-emphasis are "NRSC" and "None:

There are many options for the low-pass filter ranging from 10kHz (NRSC standard) all the way down to 3 kHz:

This is the only Omnia AM processor with a LPF that goes down to 3.0kHz.

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