Assigning GPIO to non-Livewire sources on iQ, Radius, RaQ, or DesQ

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This document applies to the assignment of GPIO to sources wired local to a QOR-based console. This is for iQ, Radius, RAQ, and DESQ consoles when not using Livewire as the audio source.


You can not use Livewire GPIO for control of non-Livewire sources.

Native Livewire channels have the benefit of carrying lots of additional information other than just audio. We'll not cover all of them here, but one thing it includes is GPIO information. That generally means that when using Livewire as a source of the audio, we can also use Livewire to send GPIO (remote control) information along with it. This means that your Radio Automation System only needs to listen to the LIvewire channel for a remote start or tell the Console to turn the channel on.

When using Analog (more accurately, non-Livewire), we still need a way to have GPIO.

Built-in GPIO on the QOR

The QOR32 and the QOR16 both have GPIO ports included. A QOR32 has eight ports, and a QOR16 has four ports. Using the GPIO configuration page in your Console, you can assign these ports as needed.

Each "port" has five GPI (inputs) pins and five GPO (output) pins. These pins are pre-defined by the type of source you create on your Console. For example, a Line source would pre-define the inputs as ON, OFF, PREVIEW, RESET, and READY. So Pin 1 turns the channel on, and Pin 2 turns the channel off, etc. See the full manual for source type GPIO definitions.

Assigning the GPIO

  1. Using a web browser, navigate to the web page for your Console.
  2. On the left-side menu, under IO Manager, click on GPIO
  3. In the Local GPIO Configuration section, choose the port you want to use. For this example, we will use # 8.
    1. Assign a Name. This can be any name to help you remember what this port is used for. In this example, it's called "Satellite Feed"
    2. Assign the "Logic for." This is the local port where you have wired the audio. In our example, Analog 1.
    3. Leave the Livewire channel at 0; it does not apply here.
  4. Click Apply to save your settings.
By choosing Analog 1, the GPIO logic now works where ever Analog 1 is assigned. If I assign my Satellite Feed to Fader 1, the GPIO applies there, if I move it to Fader 4, it works there as well. We are assigning the GPIO to the "source" but not specifically to any fader.

Here is a screenshot of our configured GPIO Section.

Wire your GPIO port

The only remaining item is to wire your GPIO port. Please refer to any Axia console manual for pinouts and wiring instructions.

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