Setting Up .9sg For Silence Or Internal Player GPO

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There 2 physical GPO’s (A&B - which are output on Pins 24 and 12 respectively of the rear panel GPIO connector - pins 13, 23 & 25 are Ground). Livewire capability expands this to 20 IP-based GPO’s: four banks of 5 GPO closures. Drop-down menus allow you to select events or states to trigger outputs.

Silence sensing is included in the GPO dropdown list:


There's also a dropdown selection for "Backup Player" which detects when the internal player is on:


More info can be found in the 9SG manual starting on Page 66: 9SG Manual

If you can't find what you want in the list, the Task Script function allows you to set pretty much any control or status function to be sent to the GPIO.  For info on task scripting, here's a link to the Omnia 9 manual (this feature is the same in the 9 and 9SG). The section on Task Scripting begins on Page 186. Omnia.9 Manual

The parameters for the scripts are super easy to find using NfRemote. You just go to the parameter you want to change in NfRemote, right-click on it, and select “Copy Path”.

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