Can an Hx1 and Hx2 answer a call automatically?

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This document covers the auto-answer configuration settings in both the Hx1 and Hx2 Digital Hybrids.


The Hx1 and Hx2 can be ideal for smaller productions where call screeners are not present. The auto-answer feature can be turned on, allowing an incoming call to be placed on the air after a certain number of rings.

Configuration Settings

On the OPTIONS bank of the rear panel DIP Switch Control, bits 3 and 4 jointly control the auto-answer feature of the hybrid. The feature can be turned off (factory default) or set to automatically answer and place the call on air after one, three or eight rings.

The settings are as follows:

When using an Hx2, the settings will apply to both hybrids. There is not a way to set just one hybrid to auto-answer.

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