Phone Control from iQ Telco Expansion Console - Hx6 / iQ6 / VX

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Scope of this Document

The intent of this document is to cover the configuration of an iQ 6-Fader Telco Expansion to control a VX show or an Hx6/iQ6.  It presumes that the VX system has been configured with a SIP Server and is ready to air calls, or the Hx6/iQ6 is configured and connected to phone lines with dots present on the front panel.  It also presumes that the iQ6, Hx6 unit, or VX’s shows and studios have been configured, and the VSets are already working correctly.

QOR Console Source Profile

  1. Log in to the console or the QOR and find/create a PHONE source profile for the first hybrid channel. 
  2. Set up the profile, as usual, providing the LW channel number of the “hybrid” in the phone system to be controlled and aired from the console.   
  3. Towards the bottom of the page, find Hybrid for Telos Phone.  Choose Selectable from the drop-down list and set the value to 1. This links this source to hybrid 1.  
  4. Repeat this with the second source profile, except put a number “2” in the Hybrid field to tell the console that the second fader channel is controlled by the second hybrid.

QOR Show Profile

The next thing to do is to tell the QOR which Hx6 unit, iQ6 unit, or VX Show and Studio to log in to.  This is done in the QOR’s Show profile.

  1. Click the Shows link from the iQ Web Page, then select a show profile from the list. 
  2. Below the Channel setup, you find the PHONE CONNECTION section. 
  3. Then enter the IP address of the phone system, the VX show name, and the studio. (Password too if this applies)
If you have an Hx6 or an iQ6 phone system, the Studio name is always going to be “Hybrid 1&2,” and the show will always be left blank as shown below.  
  1. When you have the correct information entered, click OK or APPLY to save.
  2. Repeat this for any other Shows you use.
Each profile is unique allowing you to have different VX Shows from one Profile to another. If a VX Show name is specified in this configuration, this VX Show will load in the VX Studio each time this console show profile is loaded. 
If you do not want the VX to automatically change shows when this profile is loaded, leave the SHOW NAME field blank.

After saving these changes and reloading the show on the QOR console, the call controller can control the phone system, similar to a VSet in Talent mode.

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