Pathfinder displays repeated "Branch not Found" message

Updated by Johnny Goldsmith


This applies to Pathfinder Core PRO.


Pathfinder Core PRO can log this message:

INFO SoftwareAuthorityInc.Pathfinder.Sap2.SapServerRoot SetObjectValue:Branch not foundB:set GenericEmulator#GML_VISUAL ToSend="GPI4 Hxxxx\cr\lf" $TRXI=276297

This is nothing to be alarmed about, even though it is repeatedly and continuously logged.

It is just an informative syslog message stemming from an endpoint in a Logic Flow that hasn't been defined and has since been forgotten about.


Go through your Logic Flows and make sure that there are start and endpoints for each one.

This is an example of an endpoint that is not defined:

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