Shortcut to quickly cycle through sources on an Element or Fusion fader

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Axia Element and Fusion consoles offer an alternative way to change which Source is assigned to the console fader. This HelpDoc will go over how this can be used


Typically, changing a fader's source on the fly involves pressing the Fader Options knob, looking at the Element/Fusion display monitor, scrolling through the Sources list until desired source is highlighted, and then pressing the Options knob to load the source.

There is also a different method. We can cycle through each source in the list quickly directly on the fader. As we cycle through each source, it will be loaded to the fader immediately. Once you have the source you need, we are ready to use it. This method does not require the use of the Element/Fusion display monitor to make your selection. Instead, we just use the Fader's LCD or OLED display to know which source we have picked.

Try it out

  1. Press and hold the Options Knob down on the fader you want to change
  2. While holding Options Knob tap the OFF button.
    Each press will advance to the next source in the list of sources available for that fader.
    Use the fader's display screen to see which source you have selected.
    When you arrive at the Source you want, simply depress the options knob. The source is loaded

If the fader is ON with a source already loaded, this method will force you to turn OFF the fader. Use caution if the fader is being used actively on air
If you are using the Fusion "T" style 4-fader module - this approach will require two presses of the ON button. Since these modules only have an ON button that toggles between OFF and ON when pressed.

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