My VSet won't lock calls on air

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This document covers why a VSet won't 'lock' calls on a hybrid, using any of the VSet compatible engines (VX, Hx6, iQ6).

Lock Function

The VSet has a lock function that allows you to conference two or more calls on the same hybrid. When the lock function is on, the operator or host can press an already on-air line button to lock it. The line status icon will change to display the locked symbol. Pressing the button again unlocks the line and the lock icon goes away, which allows the call to be dropped by hitting the drop button. Locked calls remain on-air until they are unlocked. The Drop and Hold buttons have no effect on a locked line.

Lockless Mode

If the operator or host cannot conference two more calls together, it's because Lockless Mode is enabled.

To disable this mode:

  1. Select the Menu button
  2. Select User Preferences
  3. Disable Lockless Mode by pressing the number button next to the Lockless Mode selection
  4. Select the Menu button to return to the main screen

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