How to Manually Sync your Backup Server

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This article describes how to sync your Pathfinder Servers files and databases to any backup server.

Before we start it's always a good idea to backup all the files on both machines in case something does go wrong. We can always go back to the old files if need to.

Migrating Pathfinder Files

  1. Open up File explorer on your server and find the Pathfinder folder.
    1. 64 bit -> C:\Program Files (x86)\PathfinderServer
    2. 32 bit -> C:\Program Files\PathfinderServer
  2. What we want to collect are the folders and database files, you can copies these to a network drive or a flash drive. Somewhere where both servers have access to these objects.
    1. Folders
      1. PFSPanels
      2. PFSScripts
      3. PFSStackEvents
      4. PFSTranslatorData
    2. Database Files
      Sort files by type in your file explorer and copy over all files that end in *.mdb
  3. Open the files that we just saved in step 2, on the backup server.
  4. Open the same location where Pathfinder is stored.
    Referenced Step 1
  5. Copy over the folders and replace/overwrite the files on the backup server with the files from the primary server.

Folder Example
Database Files Example

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