SurCode CD-DTS: How to run with 64-bit compatibility mode

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This article describes how to install SurCode CD-DTS (SCDW) in 64-bit Windows 7 environment using compatibility mode.

Note: This product is no longer under active development. Any information provided here is not guaranteed to work with future releases of Windows


These instructions are for the last release of SurCode CD-DTS.

Before you begin, please make sure to remove any previous or demo versions of CD-DTS:

01. Go to Start > Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Programs and Features.

02. Then, select SurCode CD Pro DTS and right click to "Uninstall/Change".

03. After uninstalling SurCode CD Pro DTS, restart your computer.


To install SurCode for CD-DTS on a computer running Windows 7, first make sure you are logged into an Administrator account. Then, follow the steps below:

01. Right click on the zip file with your SurCode CD-DTS product installer and select "Extract All..."

02. Right click on the "Setup.exe" installer file to "Run As Administrator"

03. After installation has completed, right click on the SurCode for CD-DTS icon to select "Properties" from the appearing contextual menu

04. Click on the "Compatibility" tab in the appearing Properties dialog

05. Click on "Change settings for all users"

06. Under "Compatibility mode", check the "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" - "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)"

07. Under "Privilege Level" check "Run this program as administrator"

08. Click "Apply"

09. Click "OK"

10. Restart your computer

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