Syncing the Omnia.11 AES Output to an HD System

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How to sync the HD1 AES output(s) of the Omnia.11 to the HD system in order to avoid dropouts from sample slipping.


The Omnia's AES/EBU output that is being used for the HD1 output must be synchronized to the HD gear or dropouts due to sample slipping can occur.


The easiest and most common way to sync the Omnia.11's AES output to the HD system is by connecting the AES monitor output of the HD Exporter to the Omnia 11's AES Sync input. On most HD systems, this output is locked to the HD system's GPS receiver clock that is used for reference.

Once the AES signal from the exporter is plugged into the Omnia's AES Sync input, change the Sample Rate setting for the AES output you are using to "External".

In this screenshot, we are using the AES1 output for the HD output from this 11 and have set the "AES 1 Sample Rate setting to "External":

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