Setting up a Local Source for Powerstation


This article discusses how to create a local source input on the Powerstation Integrated Engine.


The Powerstation has local I/O for audio. In order to use them, some configuration is required. This document covers setting up an input to be used on the console. This article assumes that you've already captured the console and have already set up the Powerstation for the rest of the network already.

1) Configure an input

Once you've chosen an input, you'll need to configure it for the network.

  • Go to the Sources page under the correct I/O Subsystem
  • Find the input you're using and give it a Name and a Channel number
  • Set Stream Mode to the appropriate value
  • Click Apply

2) Create a Source Profile

Once you've configured the input for the Livewire Network, it's time to create a source profile so it can be pulled up on the console.

  • Go to the Sources page under Console
  • Click the Create new source profile button
  • Choose the appropriate Source Type from the drop-down list.
  • Give the profile a Source Name
  • Enter the LW channel number from step one into the Primary Source field.
  • Configure any other requirements for the source profile
  • Click OK

3) Start using the Source

At this time, you can either add the source to a show profile, or manually load it to a channel on the console.

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