Sharing NfRemote Settings

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This document covers how to find the NfRemote settings and share them with other users. This applies to the NfRemote software application for Omnia.9, Omnia.9sg, Omnia.7 and Telos Z/IPStream 9X/2.


Q: Is there a config file for NfRemote somewhere in Windows that can be shared among many people to give all of them the info entered in an NfRemote instance? We need to get a bunch of PCs configured with all of the IPs and addresses and hopefully the same initial display setup.


A: Yes there is!

The connection database is in the registry.


It’s the “Data” binary value.

You can export it from regedit, and import it on another machine by double-clicking on the REG file.

 Before sharing, we recommend opening it in notepad and deleting the “Installed”, “Path” and “Timestamp” values, leaving only the “Data” value so that these system-specific keys don’t get imported into other systems.

 As for the display configurations, you’ll find them in:


There is one ini file per unit you connect to, per instance.

For example, connecting to an Omnia.9 with serial number 99901, the file name will be:

Omnia.9 - OMNIA9-99901 - Remote (1).ini

 If you start another NfRemote instance in parallel, it’ll be

Omnia.9 - OMNIA9-99901 - Remote (2).ini

There are several command-line parameters available, most of them are listed in:


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