Updating Software on Nx6 and Nx12

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This document describes the process to update the software on an Nx6 and Nx12 Digital Broadcast Telephone System.

The Process

The latest (and final) software for both the Nx6 and Nx12 is v7.0.0.

We highly suggest that any Nx unit in use be running v7.0, which can be downloaded here.

To review the Release Notes, click here.

When the update is available on your PC, go to the web GUI and click on the System tab. Under Firmware version, you can add the new software to Bank 1.

If Bank 1 is the active bank of your Nx, then you must first switch the active bank to Bank 0 by clicking Bank 0 and hitting Apply.

Once the active bank is Bank 0, there will be a 'Choose File' option in Bank 1.

Choose the new software and click Apply. The unit will reboot with the new software. During the reboot process, you will see an update on the progress.

When the upload is complete, the new software will be inactive in Bank 1. Choose Bank 1 and hit Apply, moving the active bank to Bank 1 and the new software.

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