Delay Dump ($%!) Button


This article covers the use of the DELAY ($%!) dump button on the VSet phones and controllers and how to set it up.


The VSet phone sets and controllers (even the Legacy Desktop Director and Switch Console) have a button called DELAY (#%!). In all cases, this button controls a GPIO output on it's corresponding phone system. This article will tell you how to set it up.

VSet with VX System

NOTICE: The VX Show must be logged out of the VX Studio in order to change the GPIO configuration of the VX Studio.
  1. Go to the VX Studio configuration page and find the GPIO Indication section.
  2. Select Delay Dump under Indication
  3. Set Channel to the desired Livewire channel
  4. Set Pin to the desired output pin
  5. Set Type to To GPIO
  6. Click Apply

Hx6 / iQ6

The VSet's Dump button is hard-configured to momentarily activate pin 1 of the first GPIO port.

Legacy Systems

The Desktop Director and Switch Console Delay Dump buttons work similarly to the Hx6, where the delay dump button activates a GPIO output pin. Please reference the operation manual for the product you have.

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