Quasar Table-Top Frame Dimensions

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The dimensions referenced in this document apply to Axia Quasar Frame dimensions only.


All consoles have a height of 110mm (4.33 inches). This includes the rubber feet to the top of the option knobs.
All frames have a depth (viewed from the side) of 580mm (22.83 inches).

2.5U Frame - 4 Faders - 430mm (16.93 inches)

3.5U Frame - 8 Faders - 585mm (23.03 inches)

4.5U Frame - 12 Faders - 740mm (29.13 inches)

5.5U Frame - 16 Faders - 895mm (35.24 inces)

6.5U Frame - 20 Faders - 1050mm (41.34 inches)

7.5U Frame - 24 Faders - 1205mm (47.44 inches)

Combining Frames

Multiple smaller frames can be combined and the side panels can be removed so the frames could be butted against each other. If that is the case, EACH side panel accounts for 15mm (.6 inches) of the overall dimension.

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