Operating Temperatures of the QOR.16/QOR.32 iQ Engine

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This document applies to the QOR.16 and QOR32 iQ Engine and the normal Operating Temperatures.


We are often asked, "What are the normal operating temperatures of the QOR.16 and QOR32 iQ Engine Platform.


You can find the temperatures from the Web Interface. It can be found under the System/Status page. If there are any major temperature issues, they will show up in the logs and on the front panel as well. With the unit being often installed in the studio itself, here is an example how the temperatures will look like. 

QOR16/32 Temperatures

Perfect Environmental: the normal Operating Temperature is about -10 degrees C to +40 degrees C, <90% humidity, no condensation.
There is a warning set at 70 degrees on the CPU.  All above 80 degrees it will be a undefined state which we cannot handle as may parts fail to work finally.  In case the unit is getting too hot (especially for longer time) can cause the unit to be damaged.
The 'CHECK'-LED on the front panel is a general health indicator for the QOR.16/QOR.32 and will also indicate if there are issues with the temperature of the unit amongst others. if this one turns on, immediately check the web pages for abnormal operating conditions such as excessive CPU temperature. Please do not ignore this indicator.

Some final thoughts

The QOR.16 and QOR.32 are fanless design with heavy machined heat-sinks is completely silent in-studio. We do recommend a ventilated 1RU rack spacer above and below the QOR to ensure adequate ventilation.  Finally, it all depends on the room and rack temperature.  You should make sure for proper ventilation of any equipment being installed in the rack.

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