QOR Console Dimensions

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This document covers the dimensions of QOR-based consoles and expansion frames:

  • 2001-00275-000 iQ 8-Fader Mainframe
  • 2001-00283-000 iQ 8-Fader Expansion Frame
  • 2001-00284-000 iQ 6-Fader Telco Expansion Frame
  • 2001-00285-000 iQ 6-Fader Expansion Frame + User Buttons
  • 2001-00518-000 iQx AoIP Console
  • 2001-00273-000 Radius 8-Fader Mixing Console
  • 2001-00313-000 DESQ IP Console

iQ-Series Dimensions

The iQ 8-Fader Mainframe is about three inches wider than the three expansion frames and, when including the attached overbridge, is slightly longer than the expansions.

All three Expansion Frames are the same dimensions.

For printable diagram dimensions, click here.

iQx and Radius Console Dimensions

The dimensions of the iQx AoIP and Radius Mixing Consoles are the exact same as the iQ 8-Fader Mainframe.

DESQ Console Dimensions

The DESQ IP Console is significantly smaller compared to other QOR console surfaces.

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