xNode, xSwitch, and xSelector Software Package v2.4.7 - Update Instructions & Release Notes

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This document applies to the Telos Alliance xNode family of nodes, including AES, Analog, Mic, Mixed Signal, GPIO, xSwitch, and xSelector nodes. These updates do not apply to the "classic style" Axia nodes. Information about the classic node software update is found here.

There are new security features in 2.4.7 that can affect your install. Please follow the link below to be sure you will not be affected by this. The update file is included in the next document. Read the information, download the file, and then come back to this document.


Highlights of this update

xNode version 2.4.7 provides additional metering in the web interface. Now, metering is available for the Livewire In/Out and the physical In/Out. Additionally, we have made security improvements as a result of user feedback. See below for detailed release notes. 

Preparation for Update

Starting with Version 2.0, we added significant upgrades for the Telos Alliance xNode product line. It includes a fully configurable mixing matrix, user interface improvements, and full AES67 compatibility. If you are updating from a version OLDER than 2.0, please familiarize yourself with these features and their operation. It’s essential to understand the release notes, as some of your settings may be affected by this update. 

An Axia xNode has two internal memory “banks.” Each bank contains room for a complete version of operating software. This approach allows a software update download to be completed and checked without the danger of making the unit inoperable if the download were incomplete or corrupted. It also provides an easy way to try a new software version and still return to the old version. 

The software version in each bank is displayed from the System web page. The lower half of this screen, pictured below, shows the firmware versions present and allows you to select what bank will be used at startup. To change banks, click the radio button for the desired bank and then click on Apply. 

IMPORTANT! The xNode will reboot after you click ‘Apply’ if you change the software version. This reboot will result in loss of audio locally, and at any unit using the local sources.

Upload new software as follows

There are new security features in 2.4.7 that can affect your installation. Please follow the link to this document to be sure you will not be affected by this. The update file is included in the next document. Click HERE to read about the security updates in 2.4.7.

Read the information, download the file, and then come back to this document.
  1. Open a web browser and connect to the xNode to be updated.
  2. Select the System link from the left side menu.
  3. From the System page, select the Choose File button to locate the file downloaded from the previous document.
Once the proper file is selected, the path and filename will be displayed in the text field associated with Bank 1.
  1. Click on Apply to upload the file.
A successful upload will be indicated by the new version being displayed in the Bank 1 field
  1. When you are ready, click the radio button for Bank 1 and click Apply to reboot and make Bank 1 active. 

What to do if you have no "Choose File" button.

In some cases, the device may already have software in Bank 0 and Bank 1. If the xNode has Bank 1 currently selected, there will not be a Browse button allowing you to choose a file for upload. In such cases, you will need to select the box “commit this version to Bank 0” and press the Apply button. Doing so will move the software to Bank 0 and clear Bank 1 so that a new version can be uploaded. Committing from Bank 1 to Bank 0 does not require a reboot. 

Axia xNode v2.4.7 Release Notes

Version 2.4.7 improvements


  • #5690: NTP sync problem resolved. This is not for log clock; this is for WAN audio sync for a specialized, 3rd party application. 
  • #6132: iProbe configuration restore wouldn’t restore all matrix mixer settings
  • #11893, #12237: RTSP Parsing and response fixes
  • #12401, #13303: Instability can be triggered when using management port settings (non-default mode)
  • #13300: Network interface outage triggers CPU spike


  • xSelector only - Increase filter size
  • Security 
    • #12778: Disable NFS mount, this was used for development purposes. 
    • #13127: Add  security header to HTML pages
    • #13128: Add option to disable SIP disclosure
    • #13129: Disable telnet by default and make it an enabling option 
  • Add Hardware meters to the meter page on web UI. Meter page now has network and local In/Out meters

Axia xNode v2.2.2 Release Notes

Click here to download 1601-00506-018_xnodes_2_2_2.pkg

Version 2.2.2 improvements
  • Add support for Session Advertisement Protocol (SAP)
  • Add link offset option for AES67 stream reception
  • Add rx buffer information to lwrd –stat
  • Improvements to the SDP content

Axia xNode v2.1.2d Release Notes

Click here to download 1601-00506-017_xnodes_2_1_2d.pkg

Version 2.1.2d improvements
  • Updated library for better SDP creation
  • includes ptime
  • a=reconly and not a=sendonly
  • STAT SYNC will identify PTP grandmaster clock ID
  • Change system packet processing deadline preventing the IGMP packet drop
  • Removed an undesired logic check for IGMP packets

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