Omnia.9 Dual FM and MPX/uMPX Output Routing

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This document explains how to route MPX and uMPX when using Dual FM mode and how many outputs are included.


Q: I am currently in the process of setting up my Omnia.9. I have the Dual FM option and I have two transmitters in two separate buildings. Will the uMPX/MPX Node work for both of the composite outputs? Is there a way to select which feed goes over IP to the MPX node?


A: Yes. When a uMPX license is installed and the Omnia.9 is in Dual-FM mode, you'll have 2 uMPX streams available for each of the 2 FM stations:

As for standard BNC composite, you have separate FM Options menus for each station. The first station uses the MPX 1 output and the second uses MPX 2.

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