Volume Controls of a VSet

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This article explains how to control the different volumes in a VSet6 or VSet12.

The Volume Controls

There are three different volume controls in a VSet:

  • Handset Volume
  • Headset Volume (if you're using a headset device to answer or screen calls)
  • Ringer Volume

Adjusting the Volumes

You can independently change and control all three of the volumes under the User Preferences menu of a VSet. The Volumes menu is the last menu in User Preferences.

Use the soft key down or up arrows to select the desired volume to adjust:

Note that the visible cursor will not be directly aligned with the volume level on the screen. The top cursor location controls the Handset Volume, the second location controls the Headset Volume and the third position controls the VSet Ringer Volume.

Use the soft key with the "+" or "-" symbol to adjust the volume to the proper level:

When all levels have been adjusted, simply hit the Menu key to return to the main view of the VSet. All changes will be saved automatically.

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