Omnia.11 Handle is Stuck Open

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This document explains the reason why an Omnia.11 processor's handle won't stay in the shut position and how to fix it.

The details below are the same for either the left or right handle.


Each of the handles of an Omnia.11 has a slide that locks the handle shut. Sometimes we see the slide break, creating a situation where the handle is loose and won't stay in the closed position.

The Slide

If the slide piece breaks, contact Customer Support and ask for the price and availability of part # 1451-00499-101.

The Process

This broken slide can be replaced in the field and doesn't even require the Omnia.11 to be powered off or unracked.

  1. Unscrew the five screws on the back of the handle with the broken slide.
  2. Pull the slide away from the processor, which will allow you to remove the back of the handle along with the slide.
  3. Unscrew the hex screw holding the broken slide and replace it with the new one, sliding it into the spring of the handle.
  4. Insert the tip of the slide back into the locking hole and line up the back part of the handle with the front part, allowing you to reattach the two handle pieces with the five screws.

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