Error Message during Container Installation

When installing a containerized Telos product such as iQ/s, VX/s, etc. you may see this error during the installation process:

unauthorized: access to the requested resource is not authorized

This happens when access is denied to your repository on

The most common causes are that the Quay username is incorrect, or you have not been added to the repository by our activation team. If your username does not fit the format of our guidelines, then we will not be able to activate your product.


Per the guide, when creating the username in the customer needs to make sure the username matches the following format: yourcompanyname_yourfirstname_yourlastname.

Once you have created a supported username you can register your product here:

Then after you've been added to the correct repository, you may complete the installation of the product.

STOP! If you need to run the installation script for again to finish the installation, please follow these instructions for removing the failed installation before running the install script again:

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