Volt AGC "Activity" and "Texture" Controls

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This document explains what the "Activity" and "Texture" controls do in the Omnia Volt's AGC sections.


How the "Activity" control on the wideband AGC and the "Texture" controls on the multiband AGC affect the audio.


Since the Volt AGCs are of feedback design, adjusting the compression ratio also changes the attack and release times (this is the nature of feedback compression).

"Activity" adjusts ratio and therefore attack time and release time interactively on the Wideband AGC. Higher settings give a more tightly controlled sound. Lower settings allow more dynamics through to the multi-band ACG section.

"Texture" does a similar thing as Activity (adjusts the ratio, attack, and release interactively), but on each of the five narrower bands of the multi-band AGC. Again, higher settings sound "tighter," sending lower dynamics to the corresponding band in the multi-band limiter section. Lower settings sound more "open" but may increase limiter activity. Compensate for limiter activity by adjusting the "Drive" control in the limiter band.

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