Using the two network ports on an xNode for redundancy

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This Telos Help Document explains the use of the two network ports on the Axia xNode family of products relating to their use for redundancy. This includes;

  • xNode Analog
  • xNode AES
  • xNode Mic
  • xNode GPIO
  • xNode Mixed Signal
  • xSelector
The two network ports also allow the configuration of a management-only network. That configuration is out of the scope of this document. Please refer to the xNode manual for more information on this topic.


The xNode has dual network ports (by default) configured to allow for redundant network connections to separate network switches. These connections are strictly a link-based failure, where if the active link fails, the other network port activates.

Some important characteristics about these connections;

  • As mentioned in the first paragraph, the switching happens strictly based on link state, or lack of link state in this case.
  • Although they are labeled Net 1 and Net 2, there is no "priority"; although if both networks are connected, Net 1 will be chosen at boot up.
  • Only one port is active at a time. You do not need to apply separate IP Addresses for this configuration.
  • No active spanning tree or other link protocols are controlling which link is the active one. 
  • Failover is not an "instant" switch. It's as if you physically plugged in a new cable. The time it takes to activate the new link and restore audio is +/- 45 seconds.
  • When a switch occurs, the link does not return to the previous link automatically. Manual switch-over prevents situations where your audio will stay on the active network if the other link is flapping. You must use the front panel to return to a preferred link manually. Keep in mind that audio will again be lost when you switch. Plan accordingly.


xNodes are, by default, configured to operate in this mode. The default configuration is shown here;

To verify your configuration;

  1. Click the System link in the menu on the left side
  2. Set NET 1 to the IP Address you are using for your xNode
  3. Set the Livewire enabled ports to the "NET 1 and NET2 (default)" setting.

In the default configuration, only the NET1 settings are used. The NET1 settings are automatically applied to which ever physical network port is active.

Leave the NET2 address set to
  1. Save your configuration.

Your xNode is now configured for dual-port operation.

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