How to interrupt a backfeed from an Axia console

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It is possible to interrupt a backfeed from an Axia console with an Infinity IP intercom system. You may want to do this if your director or producer would like to talk back to a caller, as if using an IFB. Although we can set up an IFB using Dashboard, this method is almost completely done using the console.

This can only be done with the Fusion, Element, and Quasar consoles.

Step 1: Configuration on the console

Navigate to the web interface of your console's engine, and go to the Source Profiles page. Select your phone source. On the bottom of the source profile configuration page for your phone source, you'll see an option called Feed to Source:

  1. Make sure Feed to Source is set to Custom
  2. Make sure that the Talk Insertion box is checked.
Talk Insertion can be set up to be in both channels, or just one. It can also be set up to be used whether the phone channel is on or off. How you configure that depends on your application.
  1. Dim Gain defaults to disabled. This means that the interrupt audio from the Infinity panel will be the same volume as the rest of the backfeed. If you want to dim the backfeed when the Infinity panel is interrupting the backfeed, you can configure the gain setting here.

Step 2: Configuration in Dashboard

In Dashboard, find the Phone Hybrid source in your list of Inputs. Then simply drag this to a key on your panel.

When you add the input to a key, it will default to Listen Only. You will need to double-click it and set it to Talk + Auto Listen:

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