Copying key assignments from one device to another device

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Drag and drop allows for a pre-configured Panel or Beltpack onto another device to clone its key settings. This is particularly useful in systems where multiple panels have similar key layouts, copying the device removes much of the work associated with configuration so the user only has to edit the configuration when it has been copied. Membership status of Partylines, Groups, and IFB’s will be copied and the target devices will automatically become members. This is also useful if you have to swap panels with a spare.

Copying settings

To initiate the copy, drag one device over the same type of device (for example, drag Panel A over top Panel B). A warning window will appear requesting confirmation that this is the action the user intended.

Once you confirm, then the key assignments from Panel A will be copied to Panel B.

If you are replacing a panel with a spare do not give the spare panel the same IP address of the panel it is replacing. Make sure that it has a unique IP address.
Note that you might have to make the appropriate connections from the other panels still. For example, if Panel C needs to talk to Panel B, then you will need to add Panel B to a key on Panel C. The above procedure only changes the key assignments on the replacement Panel (Panel B, in our hypothetical examples).

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