Telos Z/IP ONE Power Cable Field Replacement


This article applies to early Z/IP ONEs (2012 and older) bearing serial numbers 0286k0001 to 0286k0515. This document may not apply to the newer AES/EBU capable Z/IP ONEs with serial numbers beginning with 0289.


Some Z/IP ONE units bearing serial numbers up to and including 0286k0515, may experience intermittent connection problems and system instability during operation or while booting the unit. We have traced this problem to an internal, 6-conductor power cable with connectors containing faulty pins. Not all Z/IP ONE units within this range are affected.

Correcting this problem is simple and may be accomplished in the field, without the need to return the unit to Telos for service. This document details the cable replacement procedure and determining the necessity thereof.

Determining if your unit is affected

If your Z/IP ONE falls into the affected serial number range, take the lid off of the unit and examine the color of the pins inside the connectors highlighted below:

The new (correct) cable has gold-colored pins (pictured below), contrasted with silver-colored pins in the faulty cables. If your Z/IP ONE's DC cable has silver pins, contact us for a new cable.

Prepare to replace the cable

Begin by removing the unit’s cover.

First, note the cable’s orientation. The photo below shows the motherboard end of the power cable. Note that the grey wire goes toward the corner of the circuit board.

The other end of the cable goes to the Z/IP ONE’s power supply. Note that the orange wire is oriented towards the outside of the unit:

Important!! In event that your old cable is installed in a way that does not match what is shown above, simply make sure when installing the new cable that the locking tang on the plug faces the lock tab on the connector, as shown below:

Installing the new cable

  1. Remove the old cable by gently pulling straight up on the connectors. Once removed, please dispose of the old cable.
  2. Next, simply plug in the new cable (with gold pins), taking care to keep the new cable oriented in the same position as the one it is replacing:
  • On the motherboard end, the grey wire goes toward the corner of the circuit board.
  • On the power supply end, the orange wire goes towards the outside of the unit.
  1. Double-check that the cable is pushed securely onto the pins at both ends, and is placed so as to not cause interference when replacing the unit’s cover plate.
  2. Reinstall the cover and power up the unit.

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