Setting the Backlight to Turn-Off Time

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This document explains how to set the backlights for the two displays to automatically turn off on an Omnia.6.

It's not possible to set different times for the two screens. Both must be set to the same turn-off time.
Later production units used updated displays with LED backlighting. It is normal for the newer LED never to go dark. Think of them as power-on indicators :-)

Setting the Sleep Mode Time

The factory default timeout for the Omnia.6 displays is 15 minutes. But the displays be changed to go dark after five minutes or one hour of inactivity.

This can only be done from the front panel of the processor.

  • Turn the jog wheel to highlight the System menu.
  • Press the jog wheel once to enter the System menu.
  • Scroll to the Backlight section of the menu and highlight the desired turn-off time.
  • Press the jog wheel once again and then scroll to the 'Home' icon, pressing the jog wheel one more time to return to the Home screen.

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