Create Livewire output with "Processed" Program 1 audio

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Axia Studio Engine (v2.5x and higher) and Axia Quasar Engine are equipped with the capability to deliver Omnia 3 style processing for monitoring paths, including headphone feeds and monitor feeds.

When the integrated headphone processing is configured as "Program 1 in all monitoring paths", it opens up the opportunity to establish a new Livewire channel. This channel is essentially the Program 1 bus, with Omnia 3 processing applied to it.

This help document aims to guide the reader through the process of configuring the engine to generate a new Livewire channel featuring Program 1 processed audio.

About"Integrated Omnia Processing"

A short aside on how the Integrated Omnia Processing works:

By default the feature is disabled. If not already using the feature you would need to configure it first

  • In Axia Studio Engine and Powerstation web ui, the settings can be accessed from the "Prog and mon out" page, look for " Integrated Omnia Processing" at the bottom of the page.
  • In Axia Quasar Engine web ui, the settings can be accessed from the "Program & Monitor outs" page, look for " Integrated Omnia Processing" at the bottom of the page.

To enable the feature, you need to select the "Process" mode as "Program 1 in all monitoring paths, and a preset:

  • >>Mode "Program 1 in all monitoring paths" : Any monitor path that brings up PGM1 will hear it with the Omnia processing applied. Examples: Control Room monitor with PGM1 selected, Control Room headphone with PGM1 selected, Studio Monitor (Studio Talent + Studio Guest HP) with PGM1 selected. Any generated "individual headphone" backfeeds where PGM1 is the selected as the monitor source
  • Mode "CR headphones for any selection" : Only the Control Room Headphone monitor feed will get Omnia processing applied. However, it will get applied to ANY selection you make (PGM1,2,3,4, EXT1, EXT2)

Step by Step

  1. Go to the Prog and Mon Out/Program & Monitor outs page

Enable Integrated Omnia Processing. Select process mode "Program 1 in all monitoring paths" and select a headphone preset

Note, this will change how Program 1 sounds in the monitoring paths, however this must be set if you want to create a unique Program 1 processed audio channel
  1. Go to the V-MIXER page

+ Find an unused VMIX INPUT and set the Input Selector to PGM 1 PROC.

+ Set the input to be ON

+ Set a friendly name for the direct output of the input "ST 3 PGM1 Proc"

+ Set a unique Livewire channel number to send the audio on

+ Set the Mode to Standard Stereo (Live Stereo usually not required for this use)

The Output should give OK status, and a Green or Yellow box to indicate audio level.

That's it

Based on the example above, you now have created Livewire channel 211 which will contain Program 1 processed audio

The original Program 1 channel will remain the same, untouched

The Control Room Monitors, Headphones, Studio Monitor or individual headphone mixes that monitor Program 1 will get the processed audio instead of the raw Program 1

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