Telos Alliance Repair Process

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This document covers the process and policies of Telos Alliance repairs and some of the questions asked about the repair process.

Return Authorization Number

Before sending your Telos Alliance unit in for repair, you must first get an RA (return authorization) number from Customer Support. To be issued an RA, you need to provide the serial number of the unit, a return shipping address, and the issue needing repair.

This RA number allows us to track your unit during the repair process properly.

To request an RA, click here.

When issuing an RA, we may ask numerous times to confirm a return shipping address. We realize that because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many stations and offices are not staffed as usual. We want to be sure we return repairs to an address that can accept shipments. Therefore, we usually double-check return shipping addresses. Keep in mind; it might be better to return a repair to a home address.
When requesting an RA, please let Customer Support know if any additional plug-ins have been purchased that will need to be activated on the machine before being returned.
Your repaired unit will be returned to you with its factory default settings restored.  If possible, please be sure to save a configuration backup or make notes of the unit's configuration before sending it in for repair.

Repair Lead Time

When we receive your unit to be repaired, you will receive an automated email with a repair time estimation.

Generally, repair lead times are about two weeks. But the number of pending repairs could lengthen that time.

Warranty vs. Non-Warranty Repairs

If the repair is in warranty, Telos Alliance will cover the repair cost and the cost of return ground shipping. If you want expedited shipping, please ask for a shipping quote when requesting an RA.

To see the Telos Alliance warranty guidelines, click here.

Out-of-warranty repairs require pre-payment before being returned.

While it's impossible to give quotes for repairs without an inspection first, we can say repairs come with an initial bench fee of $250. This fee includes the first hour of labor. Parts needed for the repair are added to the final cost. Additional labor may also be added at a rate of $250/hour. We do, however, add labor costs at half-hour increments to keep labor costs down if a full additional hour isn't needed.

Requesting a Quote

We are happy to issue a more accurate quote for the repair, once our repair tech does the initial inspection. If you request a quote, we will reach out to you for approval before finishing the repair. Simply make this request when inquiring about an RA.

We are mindful that the cost of some repairs doesn't make sense. We will always reach out to you for approval if we feel the cost of the repair exceeds the reasonable value of the unit. 

If you decide to not have the unit repaired, we can scrap the unit at no charge or return the unrepaired product for half of the initial bench fee ($125.00) and the cost of shipping.

VIP Service

Priority repair service is available for a $350 charge. This service bumps your repair to the front of the line.

Typically, VIP repairs leave our shipping dock and are on their way back to the customer within two business days of receiving the unit to be repaired. Certain circumstances, like parts on backorder, inclement weather, additional testing, etc., may extend the time needed to complete a reliable repair.

When sending in a repair with the VIP Service feature, we ask that you write "VIP Repair," along with the RA number, clearly on the outside of the shipping box.

VIP Service is not covered under warranty and must be paid for prior to shipping the repaired unit back to the customer.

Paying for the Repair

Once a repair is complete, an automated email is sent to the customer letting them know the final cost of the repair. This email also directs the customer to our secure online payment portal, where credit card information can be entered.

Checks can also be mailed, but Accounting will not release any repairs until full payment is received and processed.

Loaner Program

Loaners are available for most Telos Alliance products at a cost of $300 plus shipping. Loaners are available for a three-week period or for use during the duration of your repair, whichever is longer.

Loaners are not covered under warranty and must be paid for prior to being shipped to the customer.

We will also need a signed loaner agreement to properly account for the rental unit.

To start the loaner process, ask about specific availability when requesting an RA.

We kindly ask that loaners are returned in a timely manner once you have the repaired unit re-installed and have confirmed it is working as expected. Overdue loaners are subject to late fees.

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