Rack rail conversion for many Telos Alliance devices

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Many Telos Alliance devices use the same chassis and therefore have the same rack rail kit. This article applies to "most" of the Telos Alliance products that ship in a 1 RU rack-mount form factor. This includes;

  • Telos VX Enterprise
  • Telos VX Prime +
  • Axia Quasar Engine
  • Axia Pathfinder Core Pro
  • Telos Z/IPStream R/2
  • Telos iPort High Density
  • Linear Aero.8000
  • Linear AMS
  • Infinity VIP Server

The devices covered here have this form factor.

Supplied Rack Rails

The supplied rack rails are convertible and ship with inserts that allow them to "snap in" to square-hole IT-style racks like this.

If you are mounting these in a "broadcast-syle" rack (that uses tapped 10/32 screws for example) you need to remove the square-hole adapters from the rails.

Converting the rails

On both the front and back of the left and right rails, remove the two small phillips-head screws that hold the square-hole adapters to the mounting tabs. Shown here with the red arrows.

Once the screws are removed, the square hole adapters can be removed and you are left with rails that can then be used with threaded rack rails.

Save these adapters for future use. They can not be obtained separately. If you discard them and require them later, you would need to purchase a complete set of rails.

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