25/7 PDM - Delay Dump Control from VSet


Using a Livewire GPIO from the VX to control a PDM "Dump" function from the VSet's "Delay #%!" button. This article does not include Hx6 or iQ6 systems.


The VSet's "Delay #%!" button does nothing more than control a GPIO output. Here, we show you how to set up a GPIO output in the VX Studio and how to send that output to the PDM for control.

Set up GPIO output from VX

In the VX's web interface, go to the Configuration > Studio page of your choice and set the Current Show to No Show to allow changes.

Go to GPIO Indications and set up a new output:

Set the Indication to Delay Dump, enter a channel number, set Pin to a desired value, and Type to To GPIO.

We are using Livewire channel 4444 in this example. You'll want to choose a channel number that will never be loaded as a source to a console.

Apply Changes and reload the Show into the studio using the Current Show drop-down box.

Set up GPIO input at 25/7 PDM

Navigate to the Configuration page of your PDM and enable Livewire GPIO

Enter the Livewire channel from the previous step into the Port Address field.

Set the desired input pin to Dump (pin 1 in this example)

Save your changes.

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