Using Dolby E Encoder with Nuendo 4


Encoding 8 Mono channels of Dolby E Material Using SurCode for Dolby E and Nuendo 4:

Requirements, Steps, Etc.

  1. 1. Create 8 Mono Audio Tracks
  2. 2. Import your Audio into the timeline-
  3. 3. Next, go up to Devices>VST Connections:    

 a. Here you'll see and click the Add Bus Button.    

b. A dialogue box called Add Output Bus will come up:  -Configuration-should be set to 7.1 Music, just 1 for the Count.   

 c. Click OK

  d. You'll then remove the Stereo Output Bus and you should automatically see your Audio Device populated

4. Okay, so we've setup our 7.1 Output bus structure, next thing we'll need to do is to set the output of each one of our mono files.

a. Go To your Mixer and assign your Mono outputs according to their speaker location.

5. We'll now want to insert SurCode for Dolby E Encoder on the Master Fader (7.1 output bus)

6. Click Browse, choose a file name and destination for saving the Encoded Audio.

7. Now we'll highlight the timeline the material that we are needing to encode.

8. FOR FASTER THAN REAL TIME ENCODE PROCESSING-After we've highlighted we'll then go up to File>Export>Audio Mixdown

    -Here we can call the File name anything, it WILL NOT become your encoded audio (your encoded audio will be         from where you've named and assigned the destination in the SurCode plugin)

9. FOR REAL TIME ENCODE PROCESSING    -Simply Highlight your select on the the timline and press play, as this will then write the Dolby E stream in real time.

10. You've Encoded a Dolby E Stream using SurCode for Dolby E VST and Nuendo 4. 

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