Omnia.7 front panel is displaying a wrong IP Address

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This document describes why an Omnia.7 processor will display a faulty IP Address (either as or a default Microsoft address) or an "NA" message.

What it means...

When the unit displays a faulty address or "NA" on its front panel, this means the Omnia.7 isn't seeing an Ethernet link. This could be from multiple things, such as a switch issue, a bad cable or a loose cable.

Suggested troubleshooting steps...

If your Omnia.7 is in this state, first check your switch to ensure it's working properly.

Once the switch has been found to be working as expected, a different port should be used and the network cable should be swapped out (with one that is known to be good).

If the issue persists, you can remove the top cover of the unit and confirm that all cable connections inside the unit are tightly seated.

If the faulty IP address remains, contact Customer Support for more suggestions.

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