My Axia Fanless Engine Says PSU Failure

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This document covers your options for fixing a power supply in your Axia Fanless Engine.


This Mix Engine is equipped with dual-redundant, field-replaceable internal power supplies with automatic switching for complete peace of mind.

So when you notice a message that says, "Error: PSU failure", your unit is still going to get power from the other power supply. However it is wise to get the power supply taken care of to keep the redundancy of the power.

If the error message says PSU 1 failure, that is the power supply closest to the center of the unit. PSU 2 is the supply closer to the edge of the engine.


  1. Contact Telos to issue you an RA to get your unit sent in for repair.
  2. Contact Telos to see the pricing and availbility of a new PSU (part #1771-00064-100).
  3. Contact Telos to order a new power supply board (part #1281-00080-100)
    for your PSU.

Removing the Slide

If you chose options two or three above, you will need to remove the power supply unit from the engine. To remove, you simply unscrew the two top Phillips screws.

You can then use the bottom tab to pull the slider out. If you ordered a new PSU, simply slide the new one in tightly and screw back in.

Installing the power supply on the unit

If you purchased a new power supply board to install into the unit, after pulling the slide out you then need to remove the top of the supply by unscrewing the four Phillips screws on the top and side.

Remove the cover, exposing the inner-workings of the supply, including the power board in the center.

To remove the board, unscrew the four Phillips screws (you'll have to use a long, thin Phillips screwdriver to reach the two screws on the top), unplug the two connectors on the ends, and pull the board out of the unit. It will be a little sticky because of the thermal pads.

Insert the new power board and press firmly to allow the thermal pads to stick and to align the four screw holes. Re-connect the two connectors on the ends and screw the four Phillips screws in.

Make sure the black and red wires are clear of the screw holes and that you include the ground wire hole when screwing in the bottom left screw.

You can now re-install the cover of the supply and slide the PSU into the slider of the mix engine.

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