Adding a new metadata filters to Z/IP Stream X/2 or 9X/2

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This document applies only the addition of new or updated filters to your Telos Z/IPStream X/2 or 9X/2 software. Filters are used for parsing incoming metadata.


You need to add a new filter to your Z/IPStream X/2 or 9X/2 software. This will often be provided to you by Telos in the form of a lua file. Lua is a programming language and is used for processing and filtering incoming metadata. Most of the time, this is used for sending Song Title and Artist to your stream.

Locate your filters directory and add your new filter

Your software could be installed in many locations. To find the filters directory;

  1. Look in under Programs for Windows.
  2. You will find a program group called ZIPStream X2.
  3. Click on the Locate Options.xml file.

This will open a folder that looks like this.

  1. Double-click to open the Filters directory.
  2. Copy your new filter into this folder.
  3. Close the folder.

Chose your new filter in your Metadata settings.

Your new filter will be automatically available to choose for your Metadata setup. Proceed with the setup of your metadata.

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