What power supply can I use for extending Desktop Directors

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This document covers the power supply used when extending or splitting a cable run to a Telos Desktop Director.


There are several scenarios where an external power supply should be used with the Telos Desktop Director.

The manual says that up to four Desktop Directors can be plugged directly into the Nx6/Nx12 at a distance of 40 feet (12 meters) max. You can likely run longer distances if fewer phones are used, however, for longer runs a power injector is recommended.

In cases where the Desktop Director is more than 250 feet (76 meters) from the Nx, a power injector is required.

Telos sells these extenders as a kit which also includes a Y-cable if you are splitting one feed to two Desktop Directors. This kit is Telos part # 2091-00001. Please contact us for current pricing and availability.

Information on the PoE injectors

Over the years many POE injectors have been supplied and, in fact, many current power injectors can also be used. Here are some units which Telos has supplied in the past. The most current units are at the top of this list.






1151A #2404-010R



Any POE injector which meets the same specifications as the units listed here could be used to power the Desktop Director.

Telos Alliance makes no guarantees or warranties of any kind, express or implied, regarding the appropriateness of any power supply not sold by us. User assumes all risk when providing your own power supply.

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