What ports does the iProfiler client

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This document covers the ports used in order for iProfiler client to connect to the server.


The iProfiler client is designed to use a single port to make port forwarding and firewall configuration simple. This port is settable by the user to allow configurations that fit your facility's needs.

Server Configuration

  1. Open the Axia iProfiler Server window.
  2. Click the Server Options button in the top right.

The Server Options window will open.

  1. Assign a Server Port.
You can use any Server Port. You will need to restart the Server for the changes to take effect. Also, make sure you account for this new port in any firewall, routing, or port forward rules.
  1. Click OK.

Client Configuration

  1. Open the iProfiler Archive Player.
  2. Click File in the upper left of the player.
  3. Click Connect.

The Login window will appear.

  1. In the Server option supply the IP Address:port number like the example shown above..
  2. Click OK.

The client will attempt to connect to the iProfiler Server at the address and port that you have specified. If it does not connect, please check any firewalls, routing, or port forwarding rules that you have in place to make sure they are correct.

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