Manual Fusion Discovery and Pairing


This document is for Fusion console systems running on the Fanless Studio Engine or Powerstation.


Once the Fusion surface's Ethernet interface is paired to a console engine, it will no longer advertise itself to the automatic discovery and pairing faculties of the Engine's Diagnostics or Network pages.

There are a couple of ways to un-pair a Fusion interface from an engine.

Un-Pair Fusion

If you know the IP address of the Fusion surface Interface

  • Go to the ETH4CAN page of the Fusion Interface's Web Page
  • Remove the IP address from Remote Host
  • Click Apply

Once this is done, the Fusion interface will now advertise its MAC address to the discovery faculties in the engine's Diagnostics and Network pages. Close out of the ETH4CAN's Web UI and continue where you left off on the QSG for setting up Fusion

If you do not know the IP address of the Fusion surface's interface, then you can move on to the next steps below.

Manual Discovery

WARNING!!! The following procedure is destructive and can't be undone automatically. Heed warnings carefully and DO NOT perform the following process with the Engine and Fusion connected to a larger network with other Engines and Fusion interfaces present. Doing so will corrupt the configuration of other systems on the network, which could take many hours to diagnose and repair.
  • If you have Powerstation, connect only a PC and the Fusion surface to the integrated switch.
  • If you have a Fanless Engine, connect it, a PC, and the Fusion interface only to the network.
  • Using a browser on your PC, enter the IP address of the Engine or Powerstation into the address bar and add /discovery to the end. For example:

This displays a list of Fusion interfaces found on the network. The IP address of the Fusions found are listed under IP Address and the engines to which they are paired are listed under Connected to. If you followed the above instructions, and there are no other devices on the network besides the engine, your PC, and the Fusion in question, then you should only see one Fusion interface:

Here, we can see the current IP address of the Fusion in this example is and it's paired to an engine at

  • First, determine the IP address you want to assign to the Fusion and be mindful of other devices on your network.
  • Click the radio button next to the MAC address listed
  • Enter the IP address you want to give to the Fusion surface in the Assign ip address field
  • Double check your work.
  • Click Do it!
Be careful of IP address conflicts!!! If you have a Powerstation, keep in mind that the Powerstation's internal switch, Main I/O, and Aux I/O have their own IP addresses that are cascaded from the Powerstation's IP address (i.e., 52, and 53 respectively). So in the example above, we'd want to use (not 51) to avoid an IP address conflict on the network when setting up for Powerstation.

Once you click Do it, the Engine will assign the new IP address and reboot the surface. When the surface returns, it will be paired to the engine. Close the web page to avoid damage to the system.

At this point, you can continue with capturing the console and finishing your configuration.

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