Managing Omnia.11 Presets

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We show you how to Save and Load user presets from/to the Omnia.11


The below procedure will show how to Save and Load user presets from/to the Omnia.11 using the webpage interface.


The two 11's should be running the same software version and style (G-Force or traditional orange screen).

Login to the web interface (See Appendix C starting on Page 81 in the Omnia.11 user manual if needed) and go to the "Data Mgmt" tab. There in the DOWNLOAD PRESETS section you will see a list showing all of your custom user presets as links:

Simply click on the ones you would like to save to your computer (note that on some browsers, you will need to right-click and choose "Save Link As..." etc. )

Similarly, scroll down to near the bottom of that same page and in the DOWNLOAD IO CONFIGURATIONS section you will find your I/O Configuration presets if you have saved any. Click on the links for any I/O presets you want to save:

On the other 11, you can then upload those presets you have saved to it using the "Browse..." and "upload" buttons in the UPLOAD PRESETS & UPLOAD IO CONFIGURATION sections of that same Data Mgmt page.

Presets can only be downloaded or uploaded one at a time.
Presets that are uploaded will not be visible in the preset list right away. To make them appear immediately, simply do a preset "Save Current" or "Save Current As..." operation from the front panel or Java remote app.

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