Internal cables used for connecting Quasar modules

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Each Quasar module requires an internal network and (possibly) dual power connection. This document details the part numbers of the cables that are used for this.


Each Quasar 4-Fader and Master Touch Screen Module has two network connections and two power connections. Network connections are used to connect from one module to another. The Power connectors are needed to supply power to the module. If you have multiple Power Supplies in your Quasar, the power distribution boards are internally bussed together for redundancy. To prevent damage to the modules or power supplies, do not connect more than one power distribution board to each module. The second power connector on each module may be used to connect power a second module.


Network Cables and their part numbers
  • Part number 1711-00479 - 1 FT- Right angle connector on ONE end.  Connects the first and last module to the frame. Do not use to connect from module to module. The connector can impact the bottom fo the Quasar frame damaging the cable and/or the module. (currently BLUE)
  • Part number 1711-00480 - 1 FT - right angle to right angle ethernet cable.  Used to connect from module to module.  (currently Beige)
  • Part number 1711-00481 - 3 FT - right angle to right angle ethernet cable.  Used to connect from module to module.  (currently Beige)
  • Part Number 1711-00482 - 5 FT - right angle to right angle.  Used to connect module to module
Quasar Power Distribution Board to Module Internal 4-pin power cables and part numbers
  • Part number 1711-00429 - 12 in
  • Part number 1711-00441 - 24 in
  • Part number 1711-00455 - 36 in
  • Part number 1711-00488 - 48 in
Quasar Power Supply to Power Distribution board cables and part number
These cables can not be built by the customer. They contain a power cable and data cable in one bundle. For this reason, pinout and construction information is not provided.
  • Part number 1711-00452 - 12 in (300 mm)
  • Part number 1711-00453 - 24 in (600 mm)
  • Part number 1711-00486 - 36 in (900 mm)
  • Part number 1711-00487 - 48 in (1200 mm)
Factory power supplies and cables are recommended for ALL consoles. Improper power connection with non-factory cables or power supplies can damage the modules. Damage caused by improperly terminated cables or improper supplies is not covered under warranty. The customer assumes all liability.

Pinouts for the cables from the Power Distribution Board (PDB) to the modules are as follows. Note the connector orientation. Locking tab oriented down. The connector is facing as if you were connecting it to the receptacle.

Bottom Left and Right pins are +12 volts DC.

Top Left and Right pins are chassis ground.

Care should be taken to use the correct length of power cable. For example, don't use 36-inch cables for everything.

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